23 Jul 2009

Cook Islands immigration director says border management is a challenge

11:45 am on 23 July 2009

The Cook Islands immigration director says the country's border management needs to be strengthened as it's currently inviting abuse.

Immigration officials are at a conference in Wellington this week to discuss border security issues.

The 4-day Pacific Immigration Directors Conference board management meeting is attended by a number of people, including the chair of the organisation, two representatives from Polynesia, and one each from Melanesia and Micronesia.

Kave Ringi says his country faces many challenges.

"We don't have a border management system and we also don't have a permit management system in place, so everything is actually done manually, so our border is open to abuse. Lately I've noticed that people from particular countries have noticed that because they're desperate for employment and if we're not very careful, and without the support of our colleges in the region, we'll be swamped."

Kave Ringi.