23 Jul 2009

More layoffs expected at American Samoa's Star Kist cannery

12:02 pm on 23 July 2009

In American Samoa, there are more layoffs looming at the cannery Star Kist Samoa.

Company spokesperson, Mary Seistric, says over the next few months about 350 positions will be eliminated, to make the cannery as competitive as possible.

This is in addition to 390 positions which were eliminated in May when Star Kist changed its point system for employment infractions.

For unexcused absences, tardiness, or other infractions, an employee accrues points.

Previously the maximum points that an employee could accrue before they are terminated was 28.

In May this was lowered to 22.

Mary Seistric says the new personnel policy focused on attendance versus absenteeism.

She says in order to build a dependable workforce the revised policy rewards those employees who are dependable and identify those who are not.