24 Jul 2009

Church will never back down says Fiji's SDL Party

12:49 pm on 24 July 2009

The political party ousted by the military in Fiji says the Methodist church will never back down.

The comment follows yesterday's charging of church leaders and the country's highest ranking female chief with defying the Public Emergency Regulations over their plans to hold the church's annual conference next month.

The interim government has banned the conference on the grounds that is is a political manouevre by the ousted SDL Party but as yet the church has not issued an official statement cancelling the event.

The SDL's member for Lami Open Constituency, Dr Mere Tuisalolo Samisoni, says she believes the conference will go ahead.

"The church will never back down, you know, if it doesn't happen now, I mean, it's going to happen. The church will never back down, it could be managed short term, mid term, long term but the church will never back down, because what you're dealing with is people's belief's, people's moral compass. And that is divine area, you know, it's people's faith. People will stand up."

Dr Mere Tuisalolo Samisoni of Fiji's ousted SDL Party.