24 Jul 2009

Funding to improve energy efficiency in American Samoan homes

2:05 pm on 24 July 2009

Stimulus funding to make local homes more energy efficient is being made available in American Samoa over the next few months.

The funding will be given once the Territorial Energy Office implements the first phase of the Weatherisation Program.

The Energy Office has been awarded 917,000 US dollars to start the program which aims to help families reduce spending on electricity by making their homes more energy efficient.

Examples of some improvements include water heaters being replaced with solar water systems, lighting being replaced with Energy Star qualified compact fluorescent lights and air conditioning.

The Energy Office's Acting Director, Mauigoa Reupena Tagaloa, says three staff members will be returning to the territory on Sunday after conducting training in Indianapolis on how the programme will operate.

He says each household would be entitled to a maximum of 6,500 dollars to make changes that would result in lower power bills