27 Jul 2009

No border checks in Cook Islands for Swine Flu for Pacific Mini Games

6:26 am on 27 July 2009

Athletes from around the pacific visiting the Cook Islands in September for the Pacific Mini Games will not be screened at the airport for swine flu.

Health officials in the Cook Islands are confident they can cope with an influx of visitors for the Pacific Mini Games despite the influenza pandemic.

Director of Community Health Services, Dr Josephine Herman says resources are focused on treatment at a separate influenza clinic and limiting the community spread, rather than border controls.

"We have actually pulled away from the border because the evidence is quite clear that if you've got few resources, like the Cook Islands, it's best for you to focus on the clinical and keeping spread of infection at a minimum. In terms of these athletes that are coming in September, our efforts would be more focused on ensuring that before they come to the Cook Islands, they are healthy and well."

Dr Josephine Herman, says there are currently fourteen cases of swine flu in the Cooks Islands.