27 Jul 2009

Plans for new mobile service in French Polynesia progress

3:05 pm on 27 July 2009

The global phone operator Digicel says it's making progress in its plans to launch its mobile services in French Polynesia.

Digicel has announced it has been awarded a Foreign Investment Approval in French Polynesia, allowing it to invest in the telecommunications market.

The Business development director for Digicel, Frank O'Carroll says it must now gain Telecom's operator approval and a frequency authorisation before it can launch its service in the territory.

"We have completed and submitted our applications for the other two authorisations and we submitted our Telecom operator approval last December and we submitted our frequency authorisation in May. And both of those have been assessed by the independent regulator, the SPT. And he is at the moment writing his report to be sent on to the minister for telecommunications."

Frank O'Carroll says if all goes to plan, Digicel may launch its service in French Polynesia as early as June next year.