27 Jul 2009

Maori language revival draws praise from Cook Islanders

7:14 pm on 27 July 2009

A Cook Islands community in New Zealand has praised the Maori community which has fought for the revival of its language.

Today marks the beginning of Maori Language Week in New Zealand.

The president of the Pukapuka community, Nuku Rapana says it has monitored the development of the Maori language, which has helped in its own language revival.

Nuku Rapana explains what it is working towards in order to help develop in particular the Pukapuka language, and other initiatives being undertaken.

"We're translating the scriptures into our language because the scriptures is the one that's used in the homes quite alot. Now, with the Cook Island's language there's a dictionary project, but there's the language nest on the website (where) you can pick up language sayings and start language development from there and you can connect to other people who provide them."

Nuku Rapana says he supports a suggestion that an awareness week be established to celebrate all languages of the Pacific.