29 Jul 2009

AIBD head says Fiji's return to democracy is a long journey

5:57 am on 29 July 2009

The head of the Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development, the AIDB, says the return to democracy in Fiji is a long-term journey.

Javad Mottaghi, who is at the Pacific Media Summit in Vanuatu, says his organisation is a non-political body that encourages dialogue and whose ethics won't interfere in the affairs of member countries.

Last week, Mr Mottaghi was at the annual AIDB conference organised by the interim regime in Fiji, which ousted its elected government nearly three years ago.

Mr Mottaghi says there is no single way to establish democracy that anyone outside can prescribe.

"Look there is a prescription: you have three pills, eat one after breakfast, one after lunch and one after dinner and then you will go to democracy. The journey to democracy is a long-term journey."

Javad Mottaghi of the AIDB.