30 Jul 2009

PINA elects its new leader in Vanuatu

6:16 am on 30 July 2009

The Pacific Islands News Association, PINA, has just elected its new leader in Vanuatu.

But the situation in Fiji over censorship has been given to the new executive to deliberate further.

Sara Vui-Talitu reports from Vanuatu.

"PINA's newly elected president, Moses Stevens, from Vanuatu's Media Association and new vice president, John Woods, of the Cook Islands News have taken up the responsibility with the new board to move the regional media association forward. The first contentious issue of PINA membership will be the first thing to sort out after Fiji's military information officials were allowed to attend this week's summit as paid PINA members but openly said they would be reporting back to officials under the current emergency regulations. The issue whether the PINA secretariat should move out of Fiji was also tabled, but PINA's manager said that the secretariat and Pacnews both need to stay in Fiji. The Cook Islands will host the next PINA summit in 2011."