31 Jul 2009

Cook Islands deposed Foreign Minister defiant

10:18 am on 31 July 2009

The Cook Islands deposed Foreign Affairs Minister Wilkie Rasmussen says he will continue fighting to oust the Prime Minister despite being sacked from his own position.

He was handed a termination notice by the PM Jim Marurai two days ago for plotting with the opposition and disgruntled caucus members to form a new government.

Mr Rassmussen says he knew his job was under threat because he has been speaking openly and bluntly against the Prime Minister.

"It's not a question of loyalty. I've never been loyal to a Prime Minister or anyone. I'm loyal to my constituency. Prime Minister is just another person, a human being. We are all elected to Parliament and if there is incompetency and poor performance, Prime Minister, minister or not, I think they should rethink their role and their participation in these kinds of positions."

Wilkie Rasmussen says he has no regrets and says he will continue campaigning to have the Prime Minister ousted.