31 Jul 2009

Solomon Islands police say arson attack was behind Palm Oil company fire

3:26 pm on 31 July 2009

The police in Solomon Islands have confirmed it was an arson attack that burned down the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil headquarters.

Police have arrested one person and are investigating four other suspects including a landowner who is connected to the ongoing Guadalcanal Oil Palm land dispute.

However the company's general manager, Harry Brock, says the arrest wasn't linked to the arson attack, but relates to the breaking and entering of the company's property on the same night.

He says the company has been attacked before.

"In 2006 they burnt the office down and as an investor you can't expect to be rebuilding offices, rebuilding buildings only three years after you started. We build our office or something every four years, you've got to ask is coming over here worth the risk."

Harry Brock says they are considering pulling out of the country because of the attacks.