31 Jul 2009

Cook Islands sacked Foreign Minister has no regrets

1:30 pm on 31 July 2009

The Cook Islands sacked Foreign Minister, Wilkie Rasmussen, says he has no regrets despite being sacked for blatantly trying to oust the Prime Minister.

Mr Rasmussen was terminated from his position at a Cabinet meeting two days ago after negotiating with opposition members and disgruntled MPs to overthrow prime minister, Jim Marurai.

Wilkie Rasmussen says the Prime Minister has not given him a clear answer as to why he was sacked.

But he says he has his suspicions.

"He embarrasses the country, he embarrasses the meetings he goes to because of his inability to articulate the needs of the Cook Islands and our issues. I think the bottom line is, and I think that's the underlying thinking, is that he got rid of me because I've become too popular and a threat to him."

Wilkie Rasmussen says he will continue fighting to oust the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Robert Wigmore was sworn in as a new Cabinet Minister by the Prime Minister at Government House earlier today to replace Mr Rasmussen.