3 Aug 2009

Question over use of funds at Samoa's diabetes society

10:43 am on 3 August 2009

A row has blown up at Samoa's diabetes society over the use of funds.

Questions have been asked about at least 20 thousand US dollars donated to the society.

The employees of the clinic are also said not to have been paid for the last three weeks because of a lack of funds in the society's accounts in three different banks.

The vice president of the society has denied any wrong doing saying the money has been used for the organisation's purpose of providing medical assistance to diabetic patients.

But a senior registered member has pointed out the society at a recent annual general meeting, rejected the un-audited financial report by the vice president and the former treasurer.

The Ministry of Health every year donates 10 thousand US dollars to the organisation.

Donations of similar amount are made by a local diabetes foundation.