4 Aug 2009

Pacific leaders in pre-Forum discussions

1:30 pm on 4 August 2009

Two meetings are being held in Cairns Australia today, ahead of the official opening of the Pacific Islands Forum tomorrow.

The Smaller Islands states are meeting now, and later this afternoon the Pacific ACP countries will meet.

Megan Whelan is in Cairns.

"The Smaller Islands States are discussing the impact of climate change and the progress of implementing key agreements on the matter. They will also discuss the issue of improved shipping services, and bulk procurement and storage of petrol. With four people being arrested in Melbourne this morning suspected of plotting a terrorist attack, forum organisers say Queensland police are in charge of security, and it is appropriate for this type of summit. Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says while the arrests are a sobering reminder that the threat of terrorism exists in Australia, security arrangements are subject to the normal processes of the federal government and states."