4 Aug 2009

Vanuatu to improve child protection laws

3:09 pm on 4 August 2009

The Child Protection Officer for Vanuatu says the government is working on producing legislation to effectively protect children.

Jenny Ligo was recently appointed the role within the Women's Affairs Ministry and is working in collaboration with NGOs, including World Vision and UNICEF, on the United Nations Convention on the rights of children.

She says no current laws in Vanuatu are effective in protecting children, as a report shows many suffer from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect.

"At the moment we have the family protection law and at the moment there is also work being done on laws in Vanuatu especially to make sure that children are all protected because our constitution states that we also have to make sure that we are upholding that."

Jenny Ligo the child protection officer for the Vanuatu government.