5 Aug 2009

Environmental group says Australia needs to more on climate change issues

8:04 am on 5 August 2009

The environmental group, WWF, says Australia and its regional counterparts need to develop a survival masterplan to ensure Pacific island countries can adapt and cope with climate change.

The impact of climate change will be on the agenda at the Pacific Islands Forum meeting.

WWF says climate change is already affecting the region and Australia must do all it can to reduce its effects and build partnerships to help people adapt.

WWF's climate strategy leader, Richard Leck, says while Australia is already providing some assistance, significantly more is needed.

"WWF believes that that needs to happen and certainly I think we would be expecting in the next few months, in the lead up to Copenhagen, and certainly after the Copenhagen meeting in December this year, that Australia comes to the table with a significant package for funding adaptations in our region."