5 Aug 2009

Scientists, policy makers and conservation practitioners converge ideas at Fiji meeting

10:27 am on 5 August 2009

Scientists, policy makers and conservation practitoners are for the first time meeting in Fiji to collaborate their ideas on boosting the conservation of the country's natural resources.

The three-day meeting starts in Suva today and is being hosted by Wetlands International Oceania, Wildlife Conservation Society and World Wide Fund for Nature.

The Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society, Dr Stacy Jupiter says while the talks will highlight a lot of the good work that's been done in Fiji, it will also bring to light many data gaps and issues that need to be addressed more.

"We have a certain idea of where important species are located in Fiji and some types of habitats and where they're located. But again there's a lot more information that needs to be investigated in order for us to really figure out how to protect these species and how to best protect these habitats and also preserve sustainable development and sustainable livelihoods in Fiji."

Dr Stacy Jupiter of the Wildlife Conservation Society.