5 Aug 2009

Guam considers hiring American Samoan labour

3:11 pm on 5 August 2009

A company considering hiring workers from American Samoa for the military build up in Guam plans to interview potential employees over the next few months.

A former American Samoan congressional candidate, Aumua Amata Coleman says the Guam-based company, Professional Personnel International, needs an inventory of skills of Samoa Packing employees.

Samoa Packing in Pago Pago is closing its operations.

She says at an initial meeting with Samoa Packing General manager William Martins last month, she was advised to work with the Department of Human Resources on the inventory.

"Now with these statistics of the workers' skills that PPI Guam wants, we will organise and categorise them. Each worker will be individually interviewed by PPI Guam with the use of a teleconferencing facility."

Aumua Amata Coleman says the company will review the type of manpower it requires and some of the Samoa Packing workers will need further training.