6 Aug 2009

US millitary Guam office denies its being secretive

11:44 am on 6 August 2009

The United States military's joint Guam programme office has denied that the military is being secretive about its plans around the impending build-up of troops in Micronesia.

8000 US marines as well as 9000 of their family members are to be transferred to Guam from Japan over the next five years.

Parts of the Northern Marianas are also being considered for use by the military.

However various leaders in both Guam and the CNMI have voiced concern about being left in the dark over the US plans.

But a programme office spokesman, Captain Neil Ruggiero, says they have been getting out to present the plans to local people for feedback.

"We are as open and transparent as we can possibly be with the local population. It's our duty and responsibility to inform the public and we have had numerous community outreach events such as village meetings where we go out into the local communities, which are not required under the national policy act but we do anyway because we feel it's the right thing to do."

Captain Neil Ruggiero.