12 Aug 2009

PNG opposition restates claim PM is corrupt

3:17 pm on 12 August 2009

The Papua New Guinea Opposition is standing by its allegations that the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare is corrupt.

It has launched a public awareness campaign ahead of a further push for a vote of no confidence when Parliament next sits in November.

In advertising leaflets, it has claimed that the Prime Minister is too old, out of touch and leading a Government that looks after its cronies, while education, health and infrastructure decline further.

The Prime Minister's office has not responded to the claims but deputy opposition leader, Bart Philemon, says the evidence is there, starting with Sir Michael's failure to file the personal financial returns required under the Leadership Code.

"I can't understand if every thing is above board why would he have difficulties? There were issues affecting the country and the Government, particularly the Moti issue. He was charged for criminal offence by the Defence Force Commission of Inquiry. He has got the report and he is not making that public. Questions arise of accounts overseas involving Ministers and so forth and he is not interested in investigating fully those reports - he is just sweeping them under the carpet. So what more can I say."

PNG deputy opposition leader Bart Philemon