21 Aug 2009

Lobby group in Samoa calls another protest march against road change

7:51 am on 21 August 2009

A lobby group in Samoa has announced preparations for another protest march at the end of the month against the government's controversial road transport reform legislation.

The group, People Against Switching Sides, or PASS says the march will show that a majority of people are still strongly opposed to the government's road switch on September the 7th.

PASS has been arguing in the Supreme Court this week that the legislation is unconstitutional.

The group says support for its court case is mounting with donations to fund the legal action increasing to more than 20 thousand US dollars.

Meanwhile, over 25 bus owners in Upolu Island met yesterday to discuss forming an association to voice their concerns.

The Land Transport Authority has told bus owners they must change their bus doors from right to left before the day of the switch.

But the owners say the exercise will be extremely expensive.

A bus owner and former opposition MP, Leanapapa Laki, says none of his fleets of buses on Savaii and Upolu will be running for the whole month of September.

He says safety is a priority not only for his buses but the lives of his workers and the traveling public.