21 Aug 2009

New Caledonia rally to mark peaceful bid to free jailed unionists

2:51 pm on 21 August 2009

A spokesman for New Caledonia's movement supporting the jailed USTKE unionists says this Saturday's demonstration will be a way to show they always favoured peaceful processes.

Christian Tein says the movement and the union are only making sure that the rules set in the Noumea Accord are applied in the same way to everyone in the territory.

He says the anti-violence demonstration that gathered 26,000 people in Noumea on August the 12th was organised by the right-wing politicians in what he calls the white Noumea city.

Mr Tein says the outcome of the union leader Gerard Jodar's appeal trial on August the 25th will decide whether the movement will take further action.

"When the heads of trade unions start being sent to prison, we believe it is becoming very serious. It means the situation is at risk of getting out of hand which is not good for the Caledonians in this country."

Christian Tein of New Caledonia's union movement