26 Aug 2009

Fiji political party says Samoa and Niue mouthpiece for NZ and Australia

8:37 am on 26 August 2009

A Fiji political party that is supportive of the interim Government, says Fiji's links with the other Melanesian countries is a welcome counter to the co-ordinated moves against Fiji by some Polynesian countries and New Zealand and Australia.

It follows the reiteration of the Melanesian Spearhead Group's support for Fiji to be included in negotiations on the PACER Plus trade deal.

The Melanesian Spearhood Group foreign ministers, meeting in Suva on Monday, also say the organisation is opposed to the potential economic fragmentation of the Pacific, but suggest they might establish a sub regional deal.

The spokesman for the Conservative Alliance/Matanitu Vanua, Ropate Sivo, says Samoa and Niue have become mouthpieces for New Zealand and Australia.

"All along the Polynesian countries, and the Micronesian, they have been supporting Australia and New Zealand. Yeah Australia and New Zealand, they don't seem to understand, the two don't seem to understand our problem. Now the Melanesian Spearhead Group, we are the same people, - they do understand us."

The spokesman for the Conservative Alliance/Matanitu Vanua, Ropate Sivo.