2 Sep 2009

American Samoa NGO welcomes moves to make stalking a crime

11:34 am on 2 September 2009

The American Samoa Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence is applauding moves make stalking a crime in the territory.

American Samoa Government officials are urging lawmakers to approve legislation that would make stalking a crime, saying the bill could prevent deaths.

The secretary of the American Samoa Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Alu Iuli says she's thrilled legislation for stalking is being considered.

She says issues relating to violence and stalking needs to take be take more seriously in American Samoa.

"It's an issue that needs to be a lot higher on our agenda, and it needs to stay there so that everybody is aware of exactly what laws are in place for stalking, sexual assault, domestic violence. It isn't something that is openly talked about but that's one of our core missions as a coalition is to bring the island together and keep it higher on everybody's agenda."

Alu Iuli says there needs to be a more comprehensive approach to how violence is responded to in the territory.