3 Sep 2009

Former Prime Ministers in Fiji put up 2010 election roadmap

8:51 am on 3 September 2009

One of Fiji's former Prime Ministers, Mahendra Chaudhry, says an election could be held in 2010 under an alternative road map he and fellow former leader, Laisenia Qarase have put forward.

The pair are urging electoral reform following Fiji's suspension from the Commonwealth after the Government refused to move forward its planned date for elections in 2014.

Mr Chaudhry says a 2010 election would be possible, if work could begin immediately on reforming the current electoral system and to provide proper consitutional checks and balances,

The Labour Party leader says there is currently no political dialogue about such matters in Fiji, and that must change.

"We have put forward an alternative roadmap, we'd like that discussed, and we'd like those who disagree with us to come up and tell us why this can't be done. But at the moment there is no mechanism in place. There is no political dialogue at all."

One of Fiji's former Prime Ministers, Mahendra Chaudhry,