7 Sep 2009

Plans to promote American Samoa's uniqueness to travellers

11:05 am on 7 September 2009

The first Executive Director of the American Samoa Visitors Bureau says getting the word out about what the territory has to offer for travellers is one of his immediate goals.

David Vaeafe arrived two weeks ago and has set up the Visitors Bureau Office temporarily at the Haleck Building in Ottoville.

He was the first representative for the Samoa Tourism Authority in New Zealand and was responsible for making Samoa the second leading destination for tourists from New Zealand in the Pacific, next to Fiji.

David Vaeafe says the territory is not well known in the major tourist markets but this could work to its favor.

"The destination has a lot of offer travellers, in terms of its location, its small infrastructure, its uniqueness, its living culture, its environment. So it's really about uniting the sector to work along with the government and raising the profile of the destination and educating the travelling public as well as the world wide travelling industry of what the destination has to offer."