8 Sep 2009

Agriculture Ministry in Fiji calls on farmers to supply quality breadfruit

10:46 am on 8 September 2009

The Agriculture Ministry in Fiji is urging farmers to supply quality breadfruit due to the growing demand for it overseas.

Locally grown breadfruit is becoming a popular food among Pacific people living in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and United States of America.

According to the Fiji Times the country's breadfruit is in high demand overseas because of its quality and taste.

The paper reports Food Processors Fiji Limited has called on farmers to supply them with quality breadfruit for export market.

Procurement supervisor, Rajesh Kuldip, says the company is willing to buy breadfruit for processing to fulfill the growing demands overseas.

Food Processors Limited canned its breadfruit exports to New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

The Agriculture Ministry is planning to establish a national breadfruit plot in Nadi to collect all the varieties of breadfruit in Fiji at one location in order to conserve and protect the national plant biodiversity.

It said training is being conducted around the country to map the fruiting pattern of breadfruit with the aim of achieving year-round production.