9 Sep 2009

Principal in Samoa worries about safety of students following road switch

10:36 am on 9 September 2009

Many schools in Samoa are closed this week because of the road switch.

A school principal in Apia says she fears for the lives of her students, after the government led move to change from driving on the right to the left hand side of the road this week.

The principal, who wished to remain anonymous, says she's glad there's public and school holidays.

But she says she has fears as to what will happen when school eventually resumes on September 14th.

"It's my only big concern about the students as well and also the parents they also ask me about the safety of the students. And we're all waiting and pray God to help them during that time they back to school next week after the switching of the roadside."

A school principal in Apia.