10 Sep 2009

Taxi drivers in Samoa benefit from bus drivers strike action

6:30 am on 10 September 2009

Taxi drivers in Samoa say business is booming after illegal bus owners decided to strike.

Since the road switch, non-compliant bus owners have been told by the government to pay the financial cost of changing the door and steering wheel themselves.

Bus societies from Savaii and Upolu are uniting together today at the main market in Samoa's capital Apia in protest saying they can't afford it, and the government should help them cover costs.

Samoan taxi driver, Mulitalo Filo, says the situation is worse in Savaii so there's going to be increased demand for a taxi there, especially as its the first day back to work for many people after the road switch holiday.

"Buses are not operating now due to their dispute and the bus society in Savaii say they plan to be off the road for one month. So there's lots of money being paid for a taxi right now as there's no more buses. I don't mind if there's no more buses now, because it means more money for taxi drivers."

Samoan taxi driver Mulitalo Filo.