15 Sep 2009

Fiji police details drug smuggling ring out of Nadi

11:39 am on 15 September 2009

The police in Fiji have released details of a methamphetamine smuggling ring, using kava to bring the drug also known as P from Nadi to New Zealand.

A police spokesperson, Atunaisa Sokomuri, says officers at Nadi airport intercepted drugs three months ago, which had been packed into a container of powdered kava.

He says the suspected drug smuggler has been arrested along with a group of others, including several airport workers.

Mr Sokomuri says allegations that police and immigration officials were involved are being investigated.

He says the police are also investigating how the drug got into Fiji in the first place.

"This issue came in a few months ago and this is not the first case also there was also some issue of people coming in with white powder in our airport and so our drug officers have been busy."

Atunaisa Sokomuri says no charges have been laid so far.