16 Sep 2009

Root crop council to be established in Fiji

10:27 am on 16 September 2009

A root crop Council will soon be established in Fiji to protect the interests of crop producers and exporters.

The AgroMarketing Authority's chief executive, Ilaisa Cavu, told the Fiji Times newspaper there was a need to prevent disputes among export stakeholders.

It quotes Ms Cavu saying there have been many cases where one exporter offers a higher price than another exporter to the same farmers for exports.

She says as exporters for Fiji crop they need to work together and compete with other countries, instead of competing amongst themselves.

Mr Cavu says the council is expected to include members of the Agriculture Ministry, the AgroMarketing Authority, the exporters and the farmers.

She says the Authority will provide producers with structured farming plans to accommodate enough supply for all exporters combined.