18 Sep 2009

Guam hiring to start for US military build-up

5:02 pm on 18 September 2009

A US-based company, Professional Personnel Incorporated, says the hiring of local workers for the US military build up in Guam will begin with distributing job applications tomorrow.

The company says it needs 10,000 employees and while it will be recruiting workers from the mainland and the Philippines, it may employ workers from elsewhere, including Anerican Samoa.

Contacts have been established between the company and American Samoa where workers will lose jobs as a major cannery is about to close.

David Sablan of PPI says the wages will comply with federal law.

"The wages that we are going to be offering for all these construction jobs are governed by federal law that is applicable to Guam and it's definitely higher than the federal minimum wage of seven dollars and 25 cents an hour."

David Sablan of PPI