21 Sep 2009

Marshall Islands sees improved college test results

9:29 am on 21 September 2009

The College of the Marshall Islands is seeing welcome improvements in the college entrance test results for high school graduates after years of poor public school academic results.

The latest entrance test results for the College shows that students in local high schools are performing better in English than two years ago.

The president of the college, Wilson Hess, says four high schools show 90 to 100 percent of their test takers achieving passing scores.

Our Marshall Islands correspondent, Giff Johnson, says the key to the great results is having good principals in schools.

"About about half of our teachers still only have a High School diploma and have no college degree of any kind and if you don't have a really strong principal in the school, you can understand why we get poor results, but I think some of the principals that have been put into high schools are doing a better job now and we are beginning to see some of those results."

Giff Johnson.