21 Sep 2009

Solomon Islands govt and National teachers association reach a deal

9:23 am on 21 September 2009

The Solomon Islands government and National teachers association have successfully negotiated a cost of living salary adjustment for teachers.

The teachers will get a 4-point-5 percent pay increase to their basic salary which will be backdated to the first of January 2009, and will get a another 5 percent pay increase in January next year.

The prime minister, Dr Derek Sikua, says the national teachers association had asked for an 18-point-1 percent cost of living salary adjustment award, but after negotiations both parties agreed to the 4-point-percent and 5 percent awards respectively.

But, he says the negotiations between the government and the Solomon islands Public Employees Union - SIPEU have failed to reach an agreement.

Prime minister Sikua says the dispute is now before the Trade Disputes Panel for an arbitration hearing.

Meanwhile, Dr Sikua, says the government has agreed it will award the same pay increases to all other public sector unions including SIPEU in spite of its executive's disagreement.

He says the executives of the other public sector unions have indicated their acceptance of the awards.

The 4-point-five percent pay increase will cost the government 2.4 million US dollars while the 5 percent award will cost 3.6 million US dollars.