24 Sep 2009

Tonga biggest drug haul confirmation expected in 48 hours

1:41 pm on 24 September 2009

The head of the Tonga police force says exactly what type of drugs are involved in the country's biggest seizure of suspected illicit substances is expected to be known by tomorrow evening.

Commander Chris Kelley says police raided two homes in Nuku'alofa earlier this week and found what they believe to be a quantity of methamphetamine of such magnitude that it must have been destined for overseas.

He says a man has been arrested and charged with substance possession and the hunt for others involved continues.

The commander says laboratory experts have yet to confirm what was in the containers the police found.

"We took a number of items from the houses which we believe may contain illicit drugs but we've yet to have those analysed and tested but we've made arrangements for that to be done hopefully within the next 48 hours."

Commander Chris Kelley says the New Zealand police have been helping with the investigation.