25 Sep 2009

CNMI governor's driver in methamphetamine bust

1:47 pm on 25 September 2009

A driver and bodyguard of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana's governor has been arrested for allegedly selling methamphetamine, or ice, using his boss's car.

A special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration says it learned through a confidential source almost a year ago that Pete Reyes was a regular ice user and involved in its distribution.

The source alleges that Reyes regularly used Governor Benigno Fitial's vehicle to buy and distribute the drug.

The criminal complaint filed in federal court states that in one instance, Reyes sold the drug in the parking lot of the Governor's Office on Capital Hill.

The office is next to a playground, including a baseball field, tennis court, and basketball court.

Reyes was charged yesterday with possession of a controlled substance within 300 metres of a playground with intent to distribute and released on a 10,000 US dollar bail.