29 Sep 2009

Fiji still keen on overseas security jobs

1:15 pm on 29 September 2009

Demand for employment in overseas private security positions from former Fiji soldiers is said to still be strong.

A retired army officer, Lieutenant Colonel Sakiuasa Raivoce, an agent for Global Risk Strategies, says he gets at least ten people a week to inquire about job opportunities.

The interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, has complained to world leaders in New York that his country's troops have been barred from joining any new UN peacekeeping operations.

Lieutenant Colonel Sakiuasa Raivoce says this is part of the continuing drop in overseas opportunities for Fiji's current and former soldiers:

"Doing security work and military work is tailor-made for our men. They like to do something exciting, going out to trouble spot areas and do work in security duties and all that and also because of the money involved. Most of them will not want to work in Fiji and earn less money."

But he says the global financial downturn and steady withdrawal of US forces from Iraq have seen a fall-off in security work available.