29 Sep 2009

Eight evacuated from typhoon-hit CNMI northern islands

10:18 pm on 29 September 2009

Eight people from northern islands in the Northern Marianas hit by a typhoon have been evacuated to the capital Saipan, but four others decided to stay behind.

Eight people were left on Alamagan, and four on nearby Agrihan, after Super Typhoon Choi-Wan blasted the area earlier this month.

A family of six, including a newborn, was flown off Alamagan more than a week ago on a US Navy helicopter.

The Disaster Management Office's Juan Camacho says the rescue operation was successful.

"The eight people from Alamagan arrived this morning and the other four stayed back in Agrihan, they want to stay back. They are not really damaged by the typhoon so they just re-supplied them for two months."

Juan Camacho says the eight evacuees are now staying with relatives in Saipan.