30 Sep 2009

New Zealand tourist in Samoa pleads for help

9:14 am on 30 September 2009

One New Zealand tourist, Graeme Ansell, who was caught up in the crisis begged for help from a hill near the south coast of Samoa

"We need some help around here. The whole village has been wiped out. We're around the place called Fao Fao Beach Fale but I guess the whole South east coast has been wiped out, just completely wiped out; you know there's not a building standing. We've all planned it up hill and some of our party, one of them has got a broken leg. Our party's okay but we just need help. There will be people in a great lot of need round here. It's flattened, it's just flattened. It was very quick and it's flattened."

A New Zealand tourist Graeme Ansell.