1 Oct 2009

French Polynesian judges question Flosse in OPT probe

4:11 pm on 1 October 2009

Investigative judges in French Polynesia have today been questioning the veteran leader, Gaston Flosse, in connection with the probe into the affairs of the OPT telecommunications company.

He is alleged to be at the centre of what the prosecutors claim is a pact of corruption amid accusations that the head of a French advertising agency paid kickbacks to Mr Flosse and his party for public sector contracts.

Mr Flosse is expected to be formally charged which would allow for his parliamentary immunity as senator to be lifted.

Two earlier bids by the judges to have his immunity lifted were rejected by the Senate leadership, which said it would only consider the request if Flosse had been charged.

Several people are in jail as part of the probe, including his partner, Pascale Haiti, who was detained in Paris last week, and is awaiting transfer to Tahiti.