7 Oct 2009

American military says toxic debris still to clear in tsunami-hit American Samoa

3:25 pm on 7 October 2009

The American military says there's still a lot of toxic debris to clean up in American Samoa.

The Environmental Protection Agency, one of the organisations involved in the clean-up, says a swift response to the spillage of materials such as diesel, oil and paints stored along the edges of Pago Pago Harbour has insured minimal damage.

But an analyst with the military's Pacific Command Joint Task Force for Homeland Defence, Amir Abdmishani, says a damage assessment has yet to be completed.

He says there's no question there's a lot of toxic material to clean up.

"There was a great deal of debris after the tsunami from the power plant - not just from the power plant but just around the port area, you had ships that were knocked over, boats, cars...When those things get flooded out they have a lot of materials that leak out of them."

Amir Abdmishani of the American military's Pacific Command Joint Task Force for Homeland Defence.