8 Oct 2009

Ships warned about explosives containers off PNG

2:36 pm on 8 October 2009

International shipping companies have been warned to watch out for explosive-filled containers floating off the north-western coast of Papua New Guinea.

Ships using waters off Huon Gulf district in Morobe province have to be on guard because the two containers loaded with explosives are floating or are submerged somewhere in the busy sea lane.

The B grade explosives are among cargo that fell overboard from the MV Lihir Express last Saturday when the vessel approached PNG's largest port - Lae.

The ship sustained mechanical problems during rough sea conditions.

PNG's National Maritime Safety Authority has issued a warning for all vessels to be on the lookout.

In a statement it said all vessels entering and leaving Lae port or passing through the area are to navigate with extreme caution and contact the Authority if they sight any containers.