12 Oct 2009

Police in Solomon Island label dark vehicle glass dangerous

6:33 am on 12 October 2009

The Police Commissioner in Solomon Islands, Peter Marshall, has called for tighter controls over the use of the dark-tinted windows in vehicles.

Mr Marshall said there were no safety advantages and the darkened glass only created fear and possible dangers.

He said people with weapons or who are involved in illegal activities such as the black market trade or prostitution, hide behind them.

He said police have to be very cautious when approaching these vehicles.

Mr Marshall said from a road safety perspective, it is much harder for all drivers to have clear vision of the traffic ahead or vehicles travelling behind.

He told the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation that he was very surprised at the large number of vehicles in Honiara which have dark tinted windows on the front, back and sides.

Mr Marshall said he would like to see a ban on dark tinted windows to be considered in consultation with the wider community, business and Government.