13 Oct 2009

SPC welcomes new TV series which confronts sexual issues

8:14 pm on 13 October 2009

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community says the Pacific TV series Love Patrol is an important tool to educate the public and foster discussion about taboo topics.

The second part of the Vanuatu-produced soap series will be launched in Suva on Wednesday.

The Secretariat's HIV and STI department is actively involved in choosing topics and giving advice on the series.

Its prevention advisor Robyn Drysdale says almost everyone has access to a TV, and it gives people the opportunity to talk about sexual issues, without being too confronting.

"Lovepatrol is a regional tool that we can use to put messages out into the community and onto the TV about issues that are feeding the HIV epidemic within the region. It brings those issues to the foreground and enables us to talk about them in our homes."

Robyn Drysdale says the series will be broadcast on many TV stations across the region from next month.