15 Oct 2009

French Senate passes nuclear compensation bill

9:43 am on 15 October 2009

The French Polynesian Nuclear Test Veterans Association says it'll fight for a better package for the victims of the French nuclear test fallout.

The French Senate has passed a bill to compensate nuclear test veterans for the consequences of its weapons tests between 1960 and 1996 in French Polynesia and Algeria.

France had earlier said its test were safe and clean.

Moruroa e Tatou's head, Roland Oldham, says the Loi Morin is unjust.

"The Loi Morin does not solve the many many problems that the victims have. The application of this law in Tahiti and in the islands is still a lot of hard work and even impossible for some of our people to being the proof forward, to have all the documents."

Roland Oldham says the bill is a bureaucratic farce.