19 Oct 2009

Houses damaged by tsunami in Samoa partly funded to rebuild

7:10 am on 19 October 2009

The government in Samoa is to partly pay to rebuild the homes damaged or destroyed by the tsunami.

It will provide a grant of around eight and half thousand US dollars for each house

The announcement of the aid package has come after a cabinet special meeting over the week-end.

The affected families will not receive money but will instead be given building materials purchased by the government from local building supply companies

The move is to make sure all the damaged houses will be rebuilt.

The government says it is working hand in hand with the Catholic Church organisation, Caritas and the UN organisation, Habitat for Humanity.

However in a statement the government says families who get direct assistance from one of those organisations, as well as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, will not get funding from the government.

The Prime Minister, Tuila'epa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi, said before the announcement that each family in the hardest hit villages should pay for extra cost of rebuilding their houses because the government cannot afford to pay for a 200 thousand US dollar home.