19 Oct 2009

Adaptation to climate change to be tackled at talks in Marshall Islands

7:20 am on 19 October 2009

Adaptation to climate change will be at the forefront of regional climate change discussions in Marshall Islands this week.

Pacific Island Climate Change experts will meet in Marshall Islands this week to discuss issues and prepare for this December's U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen.

The meeting will be co-organised by the regional organisation, SPREP, the Marshalls' government and the UNDP.

SPREP's officer, Dean Salofa, says it's important to develop a regional approach to fight and adapt to climate change.

"We'll cover things exchanging updates from the activities going on throughout the region in terms of climate change. Adaptation issues to mitigation. We'll also have discussions on the lessons learned over the past years or so."

Dean Salofa says delegates will also try to establish better monitoring of climate change activities in the region.