20 Oct 2009

Calls in American Samoa for disaster alert system

8:39 am on 20 October 2009

There have been renewed calls in American Samoa for a territory wide alert system for natural and manmade disasters.

About 20 people attended a community meeting hosted by watchdog group Common Cause over the weekend.

They voiced opinions that an effective warning system was more urgent and worthwhile than spending 200,000 US dollars on the recent Samoan Heritage week celebration in Hawaii or 5 million dollars to purchase the Samoa Packing cannery.

Common cause President Dr. Trudie Iuli Sala called for government leaders to stop playing politics and do what is necessary to prevent the loss of lives and property.

"Millions of federal dollars come to American Samo becuase of us the people yet the the Governor and his Cabinet, the Speaker and the House of Representatives, the Senate President and the Senators could not produce an emergency alarm system, an EAS, for the territory of American Samoa."