21 Oct 2009

Marshall Islands president likely to face no confidence vote

10:36 am on 21 October 2009

The President of the Marshall Islands, Litokwa Tomeing, is likely to face his third vote of no confidence in 12 months today.

The former President Kessai Note led an attack on President Litokwa Tomeing's administration when Parliament met on Monday.

Our Marshall Islands correspondent, Giff Johnson, has more.

"The motion was filed on last week and the Parliament met on Monday this week for the first time to consider it and then voted Monday to have the actual vote on the no confidence motion Tuesday. Well on both Monday and Tuesday there was very emotional and extended debate on the matter, everything from the reasons why the President should be removed to procedural issues about the vote. In the end on Tuesday, the vote was deferred till Wednesday and I think people's expectation is that the vote is likely to happen today."

Giff Johnson says Parliament will convene at 10am local time this morning.