26 Oct 2009

Two more American Samoan school to reopen after tsunami

1:54 pm on 26 October 2009

Two more public elementary schools in American Samoa will reopen tomorrow following last month's tsunami.

The Department of Education is doubling up some of the classes at Matatula Elementary in Tula and Leatele in Fagasa so they can reopen while repair work continues.

The Department is also waiting for 15 portable classrooms to arrive next month from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to be distributed to damaged schools.

About five portable classrooms will be set up at a new location at Poloa village so that Taputapu elementary school, which was completely destroyed in the tsunami, can reopen.

Plans are being made to build a new school in a new location.

Students from Taputapu school are currently attending a nearby school at another village.

The Department says the portable FEMA classrooms are very large and can accommodate two classes, and have been used in the US following other disasters.